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Miami dope support has all the info you need to get going and start a successful shop on Miami Dope.

Miami Dope Support

How can I buy a t-shirt of my choice?

It’s just a 7 step process: i)On the Shop, select the T-shirt of your choice ii)Choose the Size, Color & Style of your choice iii)Click on Buy or Add to cart (our front page product page) iv)Click “Add to Cart” & Click “Checkout now” v)Review your order & choose the shipping method vi)Enter the Billing information, Shipping information and payment details vii)Proceed to make the payment ....please note your expected order delivery date!!

How do I determine what is the best t-shirt size for me?

To make selection of your size easy for you, we have placed a Size chart with every t-shirt. Now, if you know your size in inches or Centimeter, it’s good enough for you to select your best fit.

What kind of fabric and printing is used for the T-shirts?

Well we don’t just say Quality service, we deliver. We use best 180 GSM cotton fabric used in our t-shirts. Our fabric goes through a variety of treatments and tests.

Will these prints ever fade?

Our process produces a very durable print. Following the care instructions exactly will help extend the life of all our prints.

What all t-shirt sizes do you offer?

We offer Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large sizes.

I like a tee(s), but that’s Out of Stock. Now what?

While we ensure that the units we show on our website are good in numbers, we may get flooded with orders leading to Out of Stock situation. Not to worry, as soon as the stock is gone, we re-print and be back on two feet. Keep calm and be on the website!! If there’s a design that doesn’t come back in stock even after you waited enough, drop us an email on and we will do that custom for you. How shall I wash tees?